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Keen no more

This photo taken at 10:12am in Milan, Italy on April 23, 2013 represents the precise point in time when I vowed never to buy another pair of Keen shoes. That’s my 3rd pair of Keen Boston shoes in the trash can in my hotel room.

How to disable a R56 Mini Cooper brake wear sensor indicator

Back in November I replaced the brake rotors and pads on all four corners of my ‘08 Mini Cooper. Part of the process involves replacing the wear sensors on the front left and right rear calipers. I ordered new Mini OEM sensors and dutifully replaced them both. BTW the right rear sensor took about as [...]

Marin Hamilton long term update

It has been six months since I started commuting on my Marin Hamilton 29er city bike and a while since my last update. I see a lot of search engine traffic from people looking for info on the Hamilton so I figured an update might be appreciated. I have been riding the bike on average [...]