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quick update

I have been inundated with schoolwork lately but I have only a little more than 2 weeks of college left before I am DONE! Things are going well with my classes this summer. I made an A in my Concepts of Science class and a B in Intro to Ethics. I was more thankful for [...]

New Ride

Back in September I converted my old-ish Klein Q Carbon road bike over to commuting duty. I’ve been logging 50+ miles a week on it and it has worked well. I really want to get my gear off my back (15″ laptop, sketchbook, DSLR, extra lens, change of clothes, lock, thermos, tools, flat repair kit, [...]

flat bar conversion

I have been commuting 5 miles each way to class on my 7 year old Klein Q Carbon road bike. The exercise is great and I don’t have to deal with the horrible parking situation on campus. Plus, I’m doing my part for the environment ;-)
The only problem I have been having is the lack of confidence [...]