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Olympus OM-D DIY Sugru eyecup

Being a handy guy and happening to have a sample kit of Sugru laying around, I decided to make a go at creating a DIY semi-permanent rubber eyecup for my Olympus OM-D. Sugru, if you didn’t know, is an air curing rubber compound that is moldable like clay and then dries to a hard rubber consistency overnight. It sticks to just about anything but can typically be removed cleanly from smooth surfaces. Following is a step-by-step of what I did to create my own DIY OM-D eyecup.

Studio Project COMPLETED!

I’ve been slacking on the blog posts lately mainly because I’ve been hammering towards the end of my first  semester back at school. Last night we presented our final designs to representatives from the School of Building Science, local construction industry executives and the Dean of the School of Architecture. We then headed downstairs for [...]


Haven’t had much time to blog lately as I’m neck deep in the final two weeks of all of my class projects. Here we see a photo of one of the parts of my studio project being machined on the Auburn Industrial Design Department’s Roland MDX-650 mini CNC mill. This is a block of Delrin [...]

Studio update

I can’t say what this is exactly yet but it has magnets and anything with magnets has to be good. And yes, that is purple heart and birdseye maple that I used for this mock-up. I just used what I had lying around the garage :D
We’re on the home stretch with 3 weeks of class [...]

Is this good design?

I keep seeing the weirdest things on the bike rack in front of the Industrial Design building here at Auburn. I’m not sure what exactly is going on here and I caught myself immediately dismissing this as nonsense. However, upon reflection I’m willing to concede that this could be a prototype for an ergonomically improved [...]