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Olympus OM-D DIY Sugru eyecup

Being a handy guy and happening to have a sample kit of Sugru laying around, I decided to make a go at creating a DIY semi-permanent rubber eyecup for my Olympus OM-D. Sugru, if you didn’t know, is an air curing rubber compound that is moldable like clay and then dries to a hard rubber consistency overnight. It sticks to just about anything but can typically be removed cleanly from smooth surfaces. Following is a step-by-step of what I did to create my own DIY OM-D eyecup.

Paul Specht presentation

“This is serious stuff!”
84 year old iconic industrial designer Paul Specht, FIDSA, spoke today about his life, the power of design and his views of the future. Here is a brief bio as written by AU INDD professor Bret Smith:
Paul Specht has practiced design for more than 60 years and holds more than 50 utility [...]