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Time Passages

Finally!!! After four long months of living apart, today I am traveling to Florida to meet up with my family, enjoy the 4th of July at the beach and then start the drive – TOGETHER – back to Northern New York. It has been difficult being apart but it was definitely the right thing to [...]

juice’d up

Regular visitors of my blog and/or Flickr stream may have noticed that I seem to be taking a lot of pictures of things found around the house, while shopping, etc. I like to think I’ve just been following Chase Jarvis’ admonition that there are at least 10 great shots within 10m of you right now. [...]


The PR requests are starting to roll in pretty regularly for the upcoming PMA show. I even got a phone call from Kodak today while I was giving a presentation. I’ve worked with PR firms before. In fact, I have even hired them to work for me. Seeing how poorly most of these meeting requests [...]

PMA 2009 here I come!

I’m headed to North America’s largest photography show March 3-5 in Las Vegas. What do you want me to look for and/or find out?? up and running

Check out my new photography blog It’s still a work in progress but I’ve gotten enough content loaded in the past few days to start working the kinks out. I’m already seeing significant traffic from links on my Flickr site. Let me know what you think!