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end of the line

18 months ago I left my job as VP of Marketing and Design at Griffin Technology in Nashville, TN. I spent last summer traveling the country looking for a new job. With no promising prospects I decided to cash it all in and take a year off to go back to school and complete my [...]

Griffin design interview

There is a great interview on with some of my old colleagues about the product development process at Griffin Technology that I helped create. The people in the interview (and many more) were essential to developing a structured design-driven product development system at Griffin. It is a bit of a long read but interesting if [...]

The problem with iPhone apps

I have an on-again/off-again love/hate relationship with my iPhone. As the former chief of all-things-design at the world’s largest iPod & iPhone accessory company I really wanted to love the iPhone. However, I migrated from a BlackBerry Curve to an iPhone and have never really been at peace with the iPhone. There are a number [...]

Back in Black(Berry)

Most of you who know me know that I have been using an Apple iPhone. As the Marketing and Design Director for the World’s largest iPod & iPhone accessory brand, it was pretty much a prerequisite that I trade in my beloved BlackBerry Curve for an iPhone. So, on June 29, 2007 I waited for [...]


It’s quick and easy to get studio quality lighting in your home with almost no additional expense. Here’s a quick look behind the scenes of this photo:

As you can see, all I did was set up a couple of white boards on the kitchen counter under a fluorescent light. I learned this trick when I [...]