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Epic Olympus E-M5 OM-D User Review

To me the Olympus OM-D marks the tipping point where the Micro Four Thirds format made the leap from a good idea in theory to a good idea in practice.


If you have done similar research, and as evidenced by the photo at the top of this post, you surely know that there was only one camera choice for me: the remarkable new Olympus E-M5 OM-D. So, right after Christmas I ordered up an OM-D along with an Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens and Panasonic’s 14mm f/2.5 and 20mm f/1.7 pancake lenses. Over the first 3 weeks I have already logged over 2,000 shots on the OM-D and have sold my 30D kit on eBay. I can tell you that the OM-D is really quite an amazing camera system.

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Pentax K10D, SMC Asahi Takumar 135mm f/2.5 (manual focus), ISO 100,  f/2.5, 1/250 sec, +2/3 EV, IS on
Playing around with my “new” Asahi Takumar 135mm f/2.5 I picked up from KEH for $60. This is a very cool little lens. It’s fully manual but I’m finding that if I shoot it wide open I can [...]