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New Tire Smell

As far as products go I consider the smell of new tires to be second only to the smell of new Apple electronics. So you can imagine my excitement when our recent relocation to the soon-to-be Great White North required that we purchase a new set of snow tires for Anna Kate’s Odyssey!

On the trail of something good

Now that we live on the edge of Adirondack Park and in an area renowned for its trails and outdoor activities, I decided to convert my Marin Hamilton 29er back over to its trail riding set-up and check out some local trails.

Another beautiful end to another beautiful day

So far the summer up here in Adams, NY has been amazing. The warmest days have only been about 90┬░ with relatively low humidity and the lows dropping into the low 60s/high 50s at night. And, each night we get treated to a sunset like this right off our back porch!


I just posted a couple of new posts and realized that it has been over 18 months since I last posted to this blog! Since then a lot has happened.