Original iTrip Nano “sled” with OSD (On Screen Display) FM transmitter for iPod Nano:

iTrip Nano

iTrip OSD FM transmitter for iPod:

iTrip OSD

Journi portable iPod speaker with wrap:

Journi with wrap

Journi portable iPod speaker without wrap:

Journi without wrap

Amplifi iPod speaker system:


iTrip Pocket FM transmitter for iPod:

iTrip Pocket

Evolve iPod wireless speaker system:


AirDock iPod remote control dock:


iTrip AutoPilot application:

iTrip AutoPilot

Tape Measure Anchor Clamp Utility Patent:

Tape Measure Anchor abstract

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    Hi I am Ravi. I came across your Flickr photo stream and checked this site. Its awesome to see all your patents. Though I have completed my electronics engineering degree, I have no means to claim that I am engineer haha j/k. I work as a Mainframe programmer now in WI. I read your write-ups about your 19 years accomplishment and new role. I think its a great step.

    Just wanted to say Hi, your pictures are awesome, by the way your decision about keeping your Goatee is good. I too have :) I chose to have one for the same reason, that is to give a matured look.

    Have a good one.