One down, two to go

Now that I have finished up my studio project and submitted all of my final assignments for my sketching, computer, portfolio, and photography classes it’s time to start thinking about next semester. I have another full load (18 hours) on tap for next semester including:

  • ENGL 2200- World Literature I with Brendan J. Balint
  • INDD 2230- History of Industrial Design with Bret Smith
  • INDD 3230- Advanced Computer Aided Design with Tin Man Lau
  • INDD 4210- Industrial Design Thesis (studio) with Tsai Lu Liu
  • INDD 4220- Professional Practice with Rich Britnell

I threw that World Lit class in there to fill out my schedule and prepare me for the summer semester where I will be taking all core classes. This Industrial Design stuff has been pretty straight forward for me. I suspect I may have a little more adjusting to do in a more traditional college class ;-)

Grades will be out in the next couple of weeks and I will post them when they do. Meanwhile, I’m working on getting my photo blog off the ground, taking a little time off between semesters to do whatever and getting ready for the big Christmas rush in a couple of weeks.

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    Brooke A.:

    Congrats on making it through!

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