Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic

Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic watch

Continuing my quest for fewer but finer things, I received this Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic watch for my birthday this week. It’s a wonderful modern interpretation of a classic watch design that should be a perfect fit with my casual-outdoorsy-look.

Hamilton Khaki Field front

The face features a black metal background with an alternating texture that gives it a bit of a two tone look. The markings are simple, clear and easy to read at a glance in white with seconds and 24 hour time markings in addition to the standard 1-12 markings. The date window is also very simple and easy to read with black numerals on white background. The second hand has a nice red tip and smooth sweep to it indicative of the quality mechanical movement inside. There’s a nice subtle fast tick,tick,tick,tick,tick when you hold it up to your ear. The hands have luminous paint in their centers and thin chrome pointers on the ends that make it very easy to get a quick accurate reading.

Hamilton Khaki Field side

The 42mm case is stainless steel with a sapphire crystal. Hamilton makes a 38mm version which, since I have rather small wrists, would be the size I would have traditionally chosen (like my TAG quartz diver’s watch). However, since the style these days is to wear the biggest watch you can strap on your arm, I decided to bump up a size to the 42mm version. I think it looks great. At 11mm thick the Khaki Field is pretty much the ideal thickness. It’s not so chunky that it makes me look like I’m compensating for something but it has enough heft to look like a real watch. A thick handsewn brown leather strap adds the finishing touch and goes great with jeans and a T-shirt or khakis and a sport coat.

Hamilton Khaki Field back

The back of the watch features a window that shows off the Swiss made Swatch ETA 25 jewel automatic movement. The 10ATM waterproof rating should more than handle anything I might throw at it. All in all it’s a really great looking and well made watch from a company with a great history (US brand founded in 1892), that doesn’t cost an arm and leg to buy. Mine came from Amazon and cost less than $400.00. Now that I’ve made it past 40 I figure I need to keep close track of the time and this Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic watch should help do the trick!

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  1. 1

    Thanks for the great pics! I just ordered one of these today on the bracelet. I also chose the 42mm over the smaller version. After reading many reviews, it was your images are what tipped the scales. It’s a beautiful piece. Hope you get many years out it. Enjojy! :)

  2. 2

    Thanks, Harvey. I’m loving mine. You don’t see them everywhere like Rolexes and you know that the few people that do comment on it really know their stuff!

  3. 3

    Is it heavy about this stunner, less than 100g?

  4. 4

    80g by my scale.

  5. 5

    hey hello! the watch looks awesome!
    may I ask your wrist size? how many inches is it? :)
    many thanks!

  6. 6

    My wrist is relatively small, about 7.5″.

  7. 7

    I have an exact same watch, I was thinking a metal band but I don’t know where to buy an official one from Hamilton can you help me. By the way I love my watch I find myself looking at it constantly!!

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