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I have incredibly annoyingly thick and wavy hair. Most of my life I have fought a losing battle with cow licks, hat hair, bed head, frizzies, etc. For Millenium New Year I decided to solve the problem by having my hair clipper cut short. After Anna Kate got over the initial shock she decided she liked my new low maintenance ‘do and offered to cut it for me. We bought a set of Wahl Senior Model 8500 professional clippers and a 1/4″ guard from our local Sally Beauty Supply. That was 12 years ago and Anna Kate just used them to cut my hair again this afternoon.


We paid around $60.00 for these clippers in 2000. Anna Kate cuts my hair every 3 weeks on average. Had I continued to pay $12.00 for my haircuts I would have spent nearly $2,500 over the past 12 years.


Every three or four trims I add a couple of drops of Wahl clipper oil to the blades. Otherwise, we haven’t done a thing to them and they continue to hum smoothly as they efficiently shear my mane.


We even still have the original retail box that we store the clippers in between uses. Over the years we’ve added a couple of pairs of professional hair scissors for detail trimming and seasonal haircuts for the girls.


I would like to be able to say that this is just one of a long litany of prudent financial decisions that my wife and I have made over 15 years of marriage. The reality is that it’s actually probably one of the best we’ve ever made. For example, had we had bought one share of Apple stock for $60 in 2000 instead (after the 2000 split when shares were that low but before they totally tanked) that stock would be worth only $1,382.00 today, but we still would have had to pay $2,500 for haircuts so we’d still be in the hole $1,118.00. A wise investment, indeed! Too bad it’s one of the best we’ve ever made :-/

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    Hi there

    I stumbled onto your blog because I was looking up comparisons between the FA 35 and the FA 31, and Google brought up your blog post that compared the two (plus the kit lens) in-depth.

    That was a fantastic blog post by the way. I especially liked the picture that compared how the field of view between the two FA lenses, since that is something that is too often omitted in lens comparison tests.

    Anyways, perusing your blog further led me to this post, and I must say, I agree that hair trimmers are indeed a wise investment!

    I used to get my hair buzzed at the local barber shop for around $12 a pop every 1.5 months or so. Then a couple of years ago my old roommate gave me a set of hair trimmers, and since then I’ve been buzzing my own hair. Now I love it! I’ve nailed the technique down for getting it all in one go without fuss, including the back of my head, and it has indeed saved me a lot of money as well as time.

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    If you own a Wahl Clipper and you use it for personal or professional purposes, you will need to clean and sanitize it in order to avoid hair and skin buildup in the clipper, and keep the clipper blades and motor running in optimal condition. A deep cleaning of the clipper should be performed after every 10 haircuts or less depending on hair buildup, with a quick cleaning in between every haircut.

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