Déjà vu all over again


Last Friday I had a 3 hour lay-over in Charlotte (CLT) on my way back to Syracuse from Cincinnati. I killed the time drinking a couple of beers and eating some sushi at Hissho Sushi’s First in Flight in the main concourse building. It was bright and airy, the food and beer was good and there was an endless stream of interesting people shuffling by four feet from my table. Today I find myself in exactly the same situation – except this time I’m headed off on vacation.

I have flown about 50 flights so far this year. When you travel as much as I do and have gotten comfortable with TSA routines, airport layouts, gate changes, etc., the little things start to make the most impact – packing light, free WiFi, noise canceling headphones, comfortable shoes, cold beer, finding a decent meal while on the run… the list goes on.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers he suggests it takes 10,000 hours of doing something for one to master the activity. I well suspect that over the last seven years I have achieved that mark for air travel.

Previously this blog was dedicated mostly to photography – which I believe I have also put the requisite hours into – but now I’m going to use it as a forum to start sharing some of the things I have learned and observed through my travels. I’m sure I will have plenty to say about photography as well as whatever else I feel like sharing.

I know that there are people that travel more than I do. But when I originally started this blog I also knew that there were more experienced photographers than me. What the last four years of writing this blog have thought me is that A) there’s plenty of room on the World Wide Web for new views on old subjects, and 2) I like to share.

I have started a list and will share new posts as I complete them. Until then, I think I’ll have another round before I check the departure board for the latest round of gate changes…


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