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I just posted a couple of new posts and realized that it has been over 18 months since I last posted to this blog! Since then a lot has happened. In 2008 I started this blog to chronicle my return to college as a nearly-40-year-old. That quickly turned into more of a photography blog where I provided occasional product reviews and how-to guides. My DSLR bokeh tutorial how-to guide is my most popular post with nearly half a million page views (!) and continues to get good traffic today.

After I finished school I landed a job with Techtronic Industries (TTI) in Anderson, SC where I was the Senior Product Manager for the Ryobi TEK4 line of products. Unfortunately, that wasn’t a very good fit for me and when the guys at ROBRADY Design in Sarasota. FL came calling (again) I was ready to listen. So, in September 2010 we packed up (again) and headed for the Sunshine State.

My job at ROBRADY as Design Manager was very demanding. Over the 18 months I was there I spent nearly 5 months in China. Obviously that didn’t leave much time for blogging…

Earlier this year a recruiter contacted me about a job opportunity in upstate New York. The job description sounded pretty fantastic (help set up a new product innovation center within an established iconic brand company) but I wasn’t too sure about the location. After a couple of rounds of interviews I was sold and we decided to join CAR-FRESHNER Corp – the company that makes the LITTLE TREES auto air fresheners – as Innovation Manager in March or this year.

Now I’m living in Adams New York and working on getting settled into the new job. I have come to the conclusion that Flickr has little value for me and am thinking that I should revive my blog as the primary place to share my photos and thoughts. The only dilemma is what to do with my Flickr Pro account. I have traditionally provided my photos for free use via a Creative Commons license and, as a result, my images can be found on thousands of websites around the World. Unfortunately, increasingly more and more people are violating the terms of my Creative Commons license and Flickr has become the conduit for people to steal my work.

Anyway, I’m sure I will figure something out. Meanwhile I have a few ideas for future blog posts that I need to start working on. Stay tuned for more to come!

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    Catherine ARnold:

    Hey Robert I did’nt know you had a blog.IM looking forward to looking through all your photos. Photography is awesome!!I enjoyed film photography alot. I took a darkroom class years ago. That was fun.Now I have a simple nikon digital (can’t change the lense). The lag time sucks it takes a few seconds for the camera to take the picture. Anyway if I had more time and a better camera .Also its time time to just be present and observe the world in ones own unique way.ANyway have fun!

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    Congrats on the new job in NY. Sounds like a great move. I’ve mostly let flickr go (having not renewed my pro account last year), as most of my photos these days were private, anyway — of the baby-now-toddler. I post a few here and there, and started a 365 but couldn’t keep it rolling through a couple of particularly heavy-duty work weeks. I’ll keep watching here for new photos! Cheers.

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