I bought a Briggs & Riley 21″ roll-aboard about 5 years ago. Since then it has been my go-to bag for international travel and other trips longer than a night or two. I paid what seemed like a ridiculous amount at the time for this bag ($350!) but the salesperson assured me that the build quality and lifetime no-questions-asked repair guarantee was worth the money.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that one of the screw bosses holding one of the feet on had broken. I wasn’t surprised since I’m quite rough with this bag. In fact, I was mostly surprised that it had taken upwards of half a million miles of travel for something to break. I got online and looked up the closest repair center. Cities Leather & Luggage in Syracuse was the closest authorized repair center. I made the drive down this morning and was shocked when Dave dug up a new foot and had it repaired in less than 5 minutes! I thought for sure it would have taken at least a week or two. Just goes to show that there really is no substitute for quality and good customer service.

Thanks, Dave! Here’s to another 500,000 miles!

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