Comfort Suites room 107 Anderson, SC

This has been home for me for the past nine days. That’s all about to change, though. A truck is on it’s way right now from Auburn loaded with all of our worldly possessions. Tomorrow we move into our new house in Anderson, SC. Not only is this a transition for us as a family but it is also a transition for me professionally. The new job encompasses much of what I have done in the past but it marks the first time in my adult career that my job does not encompass designing things. Sure, I am responsible for the design of the products that I am in charge of developing, but I have officially made the jump from being a designer to becoming a product developer. And you know what? I like it!My first week-and-a-half was quite challenging yet rewarding. I spent most of my time getting up to speed on the existing products that I am inheriting, learning new acronyms, memorizing names and faces, and generally just trying to get back into the groove of a daily work routine (recall that I have been away from work for 18 months). The next few weeks will add even more layers to the transition as we get settled into our new routine and I take over the kick-off of a number of new products.

Stay tuned. Once things settle into a more “normal” routine I should have more time to work on the blog.

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    Hi Robert. Just wanted to say congrats on the new job. It’s so funny, i stumbled upon your website, when i looked up something about reusing charcoal on google. How random right, lol? Anyway, just wanted to say good luck. It’s always nice to hear a good story about other’s lives going on a great path. Especially, the way times are right now. I am sure there will be plenty of barbecues on the new deck! Gorgeous house, and Green Acres… seriously, haha?!?

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