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taking a beating

The industrial design shop has taken a bit of a beating this semester. Here we are winding up all our final models and every saw blade is dull as a butter knife and a number of the major tools are broken down. David and his crew do the best they can to keep up with [...]

No Girls Allowed

I think the Bondo, paint and Zap-A-Gap fumes are starting to get to my classmates ;-)

Yes, another studio update

It’s Friday night and I’m taking the first evening off from model making this week. Enjoyed some grilled burgers with the girls and a couple of glasses of Red Bicyclette pinot noir. While downloading some pictures from the last couple of days I realized that this project has required me to use nearly every trick [...]

Pretty but Pointless

This is my wife’s deodorant. The first time I saw it I was struck by the design of the package. The form and graphics are very clean and well executed- especially so given that this is a discount brand. The problem is that the designers forgot the user when they conceived this design. The way [...]


Haven’t had much time to blog lately as I’m neck deep in the final two weeks of all of my class projects. Here we see a photo of one of the parts of my studio project being machined on the Auburn Industrial Design Department’s Roland MDX-650 mini CNC mill. This is a block of Delrin [...]