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Is this good design?

I keep seeing the weirdest things on the bike rack in front of the Industrial Design building here at Auburn. I’m not sure what exactly is going on here and I caught myself immediately dismissing this as nonsense. However, upon reflection I’m willing to concede that this could be a prototype for an ergonomically improved [...]

Don’t let this happen to you

Thanks, Dave O!

Studio project update

After sifting through the photos from my field trip to Huntsville last month I settled upon measuring as the primary area of focus for my construction project. The object above is a test model for a concept that I came up with to facilitate measurements along form work. I have a number of other ideas [...]

David Oakey on sustainable design

Had the opportunity to attend a terrific presentation by David Okey on sustainable design this morning. David is the founder of David Okey Designs in LaGrange, GA. He is most famous for his work with Interface Carpets in their effort in lead the greening of carpet industry. David also consults with a wide variety of [...]

Designed for designers?

My 18 year old Eberhard Faber Design markers are giving up the ghost so I picked up a few Prismacolor markers to try out. In 1994 Eberhard Faber was bought out by Sanford, a Newell/Rubbermaid company, and the decision was made to discontinue the xylene based Design marker line in favor of the new alcohol [...]