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DIY MR16 LED bike light update

I’ve noticed a lot of traffic through my site by people searching for DIY bike lights so I’ve created an entire page dedicated to the subject. Click through to learn about the smaller battery I have picked up along with a few other updates.

Ferrari motorcycle concept inspiration?

Is it just me or does this strike more than just a passing resemblance to my Dunlop Design the Motorcycle of the Future contest winning entry from 1993? ‘Course, I did post this rendering on Coroflot a while back…
FWIW, mine is much more eco-friendly ;-)

field trip

Now that I have completed my open project in my senior studio, it’s time to buckle down and start working on my main project for the semester. We are working on construction related design problems in a collaborative project with the Building Science department here at AU. The plan was to partner ID students up [...]

Best Thai in Huntsville?

As a designer I have developed an appreciation for the art of good food. While on a short visit to Huntsville, AL I stumbled upon Phuket (pronounced Poo-Ket), a Thai restaurant in the Providence development in Madison. It was worthy of a blog post. Be sure to drop by if you find yourself in the [...]

UV sanitizer final design

The home UV sanitizer project is complete. Here is the final rendering created in Form-Z. My classmates did most of their renderings using Maxwell Render. Maxwell creates amazing photo realistic renderings and is pretty simple to use. Unfortunately, it takes 6-8 hours to get a decent image. Multiply that by the number of views needed [...]