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Keen no more

This photo taken at 10:12am in Milan, Italy on April 23, 2013 represents the precise point in time when I vowed never to buy another pair of Keen shoes. That’s my 3rd pair of Keen Boston shoes in the trash can in my hotel room.

Wise investment

I have incredibly thick and wavy hair. Most of my life I have struggled to keep it looking neat, mostly failing. For Millenium New Year I decided to solve the problem by clipper cutting my hair short. After Anna Kate got over the initial shock she decided she liked my new low maintenance ‘do and offered to cut it for me. We bought a set of Wahl Senior Model 8500 professional clippers and a 1/4″ guard from our local Sally Beauty Supply. That was 12 years ago and Anna Kate just used them to cut my hair again this afternoon.


I bought this Briggs & Riley 21″ roll-aboard about 5 years ago. Since then it has been my go-to bag for international travel and other trips longer than a night or two.

Medicine Water?

I’m a big fan of Vitamin Water. I have been drinking at least a bottle a day for the past 5-6 years. It’s less sweet than soft drinks, doesn’t make me burp and is packed with vitamins and minerals that I don’t get enough of otherwise. I was really excited to see some new flavors [...]

The real impact of social networking while at work

Recently I started noticing that a surprising number of my FB contacts were constantly posting meaningless status updates throughout the day (as in twice an hour or more). It’s like some kind of electronic stream of conscience for some people. I can imagine them now, thinking a funny thought then spending the next 10 minutes cleverly composing, researching, taking pictures, and finding links for their post.