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Another beautiful end to another beautiful day

So far the summer up here in Adams, NY has been amazing. The warmest days have only been about 90┬░ with relatively low humidity and the lows dropping into the low 60s/high 50s at night. And, each night we get treated to a sunset like this right off our back porch!

Another cyclist joins the family!

Abby (7) finally decided she was ready to give riding her bike without training wheels a try. So, I took her out to the intramural fields on campus and within 5 minutes she was zooming right along! She still needs to practice starting, stopping and turning before she’ll be ready for the streets, but it [...]

sitting, waiting, wishing

Sorry things have been kind of quiet here lately. This was my first full week back at school and I have been rather slammed. I am in class most of the day and reading Plato and Aristotle during all of my free time. In addition, I got rained on just about everyday this week so [...]

the door

Took a ride up to Waverly, AL this afternoon to see what I could find. Right as I was heading into town I found this little sharecropper’s shack rotting off the side of the road that was too good to pass up. I really wanted all of the detail and colors to pop, so this [...]

class dismissed

Well, semester 2 of 3 is officially complete for me. I took my last exam this afternoon and now I have 2 weeks off before starting the first half of my 10 week semester term. I have four core classes I have to complete before I can graduate in August (Concepts of Science, Intro to [...]