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On assignment

Yesterday morning I’m sitting on the porch reading a book with nothing more planned for the day when my phone rings. It’s Jeremy Henderson, editor of a local Auburn blog called The War Eagle Reader. Jeremy’s brother, Zac Henderson is the regular photo editor of the blog but he had to return to photography school [...]

It’s done!

It only took me 19 years, but I can now call myself a college graduate. I made the Dean’s list 5 times and my cumulative GPA of 3.38 was good enough to allow me to graduate with honors. The last year has been a wild but rewarding ride. I have learned a lot about the [...]


Lately, this has been my “office.” At least the new student center here at Auburn makes for a nice home-away-from-home during the day. Not much time for anything but reading, studying and job hunting. Mid-term for the first mini-mester is next week. Time she’s a flyin’!

sitting, waiting, wishing

Sorry things have been kind of quiet here lately. This was my first full week back at school and I have been rather slammed. I am in class most of the day and reading Plato and Aristotle during all of my free time. In addition, I got rained on just about everyday this week so [...]

summer reading

The first 5 weeks of my last semester back at school starts Thursday. I have to take four core classes this summer to complete my degree. It’s all stuff that was added to the curriculum since I left 16 years ago. For the first half of the summer I am taking Introducton to Ethics and [...]