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The recruiting system needs a redesign

For the last 18 months the shoe as been on the other foot as I have found myself looking for a new job. The main thing that I have learned during this time is that the modern day recruiting system is in need of a serious overhaul.

Asian design has the right IDEA

At least two-thirds of this year’s IDSA student IDEA awards went to Asian designers. This might have something to do with the ethnic mix of submissions to the IDEA student competition but I think it is also emblematic of an overall shift that is happening in the design industry today.

Design Thinking vs. Design Doing

“Design Thinking” is the new design industry buzz word to replace the often overused term “innovation”. I have been following IDEO CEO Tim Brown’s blog on the subject and agree with the majority of his observations. I am sure that we could solve many of the World’s major problems if we just applied more design thinking to them. While design thinking on the front end is hopefully the way of the future, I think some design doing on the back end is what is needed right now.

Paul Specht presentation

“This is serious stuff!”
84 year old iconic industrial designer Paul Specht, FIDSA, spoke today about his life, the power of design and his views of the future. Here is a brief bio as written by AU INDD professor Bret Smith:
Paul Specht has practiced design for more than 60 years and holds more than 50 utility [...]

Designing Green 2009

Auburn University’s student IDSA chapter once again hosted their annual Designing Green competition with the Department of Industrial and Graphic Design. This year, after a couple of lectures on sustainable design Thursday morning, Industrial Design and Graphic Design students were divided into 11 teams of 12-13 members each (including a faculty adviser). The teams [...]