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Medicine Water?

I’m a big fan of Vitamin Water. I have been drinking at least a bottle a day for the past 5-6 years. It’s less sweet than soft drinks, doesn’t make me burp and is packed with vitamins and minerals that I don’t get enough of otherwise. I was really excited to see some new flavors [...]

Shame on you I.D.

The current issue of ID arrived quite cermoniously in my mailbox today. It came all wrapped up nice and clean in a plastic bag with a bonus helping of subscription cards (2 for ID and 2 for Print magazine). Imagine my surprise when I finally made it through all the trash to the cover. I [...]

Designed for designers?

My 18 year old Eberhard Faber Design markers are giving up the ghost so I picked up a few Prismacolor markers to try out. In 1994 Eberhard Faber was bought out by Sanford, a Newell/Rubbermaid company, and the decision was made to discontinue the xylene based Design marker line in favor of the new alcohol [...]

iPhone status screen mock-up

I love my iPhone but the fact that I have to click a button and then slide to unlock everytime I want to see if I have any messages, appointments and/or missed calls drives me nuts! Blackberries have included new message indicators on the keyboard unlock screen for years. Why can’t my fancy iPhone do [...]

Rolling Dumpster

Spotted this minivan today outside Target in Tiger Town Mall in Auburn/Opelika. All I can say is WTF?